The Must See Tech Trends for 2018


It Is Fair to Say…

That much happened in the world of tech during 2017, and that gives us plenty to look forward to in the coming year. Here are some of the highlights.

1. Robotics

Many of you will have seen the developments made in robotics, including Sophia, the worlds first robot citizen. In real terms, it could easily be argued that this was little more than a publicity stunt (Apparently she now wants a baby?), but it does illustrate how far robotics has moved on. The technology can now recognise facial movements and gauge mood based on voice stress and facial expression. Surely it is a good thing, in terms of the medical applications that are now being developed? Research has shown that there is a growing confidence in using robotics as a family-friendly addition to the household. Honda robots, for example, are designed around the 3E Philosophy which is built on empowerment, experience and empathy. Robotics is not that far away from becoming a household norm, so, better get that charging point fitted!

2. 5G

3G, 4G, 5G… Where are we going with this? The answer is in the need for faster and more stable mobile internet connections and that is not specifically to make your Pokemon go run more smoothly. 5G has a number of more practical applications such as autonomous vehicles and wireless VR. Its low latency and high-speed data transference is essential for the driverless vehicle to make ‘on-the-go’ decisions more quickly than the human brain can process the information. Surely a safety feature worth having. Wireless VR also demands such high data speeds to maintain the virtual reality experience. On the plus side for those of us who don’t play in such high echelons of technical geekery, 5G could allow the download of a film in around 4 seconds.

3. Artificial Intelligence

It is already here and many of us use it. For example, The Digital Personal Assistant. They are sprouting up everywhere, in the form of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and other products of a similar ilk. But what is next? More of them at a guess but the technology is evolving to introduce a higher level of empathy from the systems. It will allow for more natural conversations and the ability for AI to explain its actions. e.g “I increased the heating to 21 degrees as I knew you would be home soon and it is very cold in here”. Preemptive decisions with a purpose and explanation. A simple example, admittedly, but you can see where this will go in future AI assistants. Artificial intelligence is also essential in the development of autonomous vehicles for making decisions on road conditions, traffic analysis, and a whole raft of other information to make the drive as seamless as possible.

pexels-photo-595804.jpegThe technological advances being made on a daily basis are quite frankly, frightening and there is a lot more to come. Please check back for the latest blurb as I attempt to keep up!

My name is Jay Tomkinson and I create technical blogs and articles for Facebook, and customer websites. Please visit my facebook page – J-Tech Copy Services.

Thank you.


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