I write every day as it is my job, and occasionally it pays the bills (I do emphasise ‘occasionally’), so why do I write in my spare time too?

The simple answer to that is – I enjoy it and it is great to get away from the more technical and advertisement based writing that my day job requires me to do. Writing is a passion for those of us who take it seriously, but sometimes it is necessary to unhook from the real world and enter the realms of fantasy that writing a fictional piece allows us to do. There are no real rules in that world and the characters can be what we want, who we want and doing exactly what we want.

Generally, when writing fiction, I employ the ‘pantster’ philosophy, i.e. No plan – Just write it. In fact, ‘Just write it’ is my personal motto and also my screen saver, so when I become disenchanted with the piece I am writing and stop; the screen saver reminds me of my purpose and why I do it. It may sound a little silly, but for me, it works and I pick up from where I left off. This year I am using a different approach and using a plan I have been working on for about a week now. J-Tech Copy Services will run as normal and I relish the challenge of interspacing my work commitments with my leisure activities. I believe some will say that it is not possible to combine the two, so I intend to blog about both and we will see what happens.

For me? It is a little time were I am not worrying about keywords or SEO or short deadlines. I can go with the flow and learn to enjoy writing again. That, I believe, will help me in my day to day work too.

Wish me luck!! I may need it ….J….


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